With a combined experience of 20+ years of vehicle tracking & Fleet management the CTS network offers a wide array of vehicle security solutions tailored to suit your needs. Having hands on experience of successful implementation of popular foreign technology & business operational expertise. The CTS network also offers consultancy & cost effective solutions to emerging & established vehicle tracking business to streamline and improve business operations.

Our objective is to make vehicle security within reach of every individual, powered by top of the line international products and serviced by a dedicated and professional team of seasoned individuals and all this at the competitive rates.

Our Control room is operational 24/7, 365 days a year. Our base offices are located in Lahore and Islamabad whereas our technical team is spread across the country.

Why choose us for vehicle Tracking Solution?

Increases Productivity:

Live minute by minute positions
GPS journey reports
Monitor drivers behavior
Utilization information

Reduce Costs:

Monitor fuel efficiency
Optimize maintenance frequency
Eliminate unauthorized usage
Lower insurance premiums

Easy to Use:

Quick Installation
Web based software
Smart phone App


Everything we do is on a single click and world in which we live today is fast pace where business is evolving `every second and we are constantly progressing as per customer requirements. To achieve this and cope up with the pace, you need to CLICK following:

  1. CTS Standard (is Safe)
  2. CTS Premium (is Impeccable)
  3. CTS Advance (is Asset Secure)
  4. CTS Fleet Management Solution
  5. Insurance + Tracker


Standard in our dictionary is synonym to Safe.
In this Click more than dozen services are ready to evolve at your fingertips.


Premium in our dictionary is synonym to Impeccable.
In this Click Security has no boundary & given services are flawless and on a single click.

CTS Advance:

Fleet Management in our dictionary is synonym to Asset Secure.
In this Click whole group is organized as complete division and all assets are smartly connected & secured.
This product offers a cost effective but sophisticated solution to any sized commercial car or van fleet.


Customized in our dictionary is synonym to Choose as per you’re desired.
In this Click services are pick & choose on single click and all you need to tell us is your requirement.

CTS Product Comparison:


  • Mapping
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Real Time GPS Tracking
  • Acitivity Report
  • Stop Speeding
  • Control Fuel Waste
  • Driver ID
  • Reports
  • ELD Compliance
  • Eliminate Bad Driving
  • Fleet Administrator
  • Map Replay
  • Mobile Apps
  • Data Integration


  1. Location on call
  2. Web track access
  3. Advanced Reporting Features
  4. Fuel Monitoring
  5. Ignition on/off alerts
  6. Location on demand via SMS
  7. Tempering alerts via SMS
  8. Real time temperature
  9. Monitoring for cold chain supply
  10. Real time door sensor monitoring
  11. Storage Cabin Monitoring
  12. Fence alerts via SMS
  13. One way and two way voice communication
  14. Cabin Camera
  15. Customize Fleet Reports
  16. Panic Button Installations
  17. Over Speeding Alerts via SMS
  18. Personalized MIS Portal
  19. Passenger Seat Sensor
  20. Dashboard Sensor Alert


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